Sitemap - 2022 - Degen Code

Project: Uniswap V2 & V3 2-pool Arbitrage Bot

UniswapV3 — Arbitrage Helper Payload Generator

Uniswap V3 — Pool Fetcher, Arb Path Builder, Liquidity Event Listener

UniswapV3 — Cycle Arbitrage Helper (Part II)

UniswapV3 — Cycle Arbitrage Helper (Part I)

Uniswap V3 — Swap Callback

Uniswap V3 — LP Helper (Part II)

UniswapV3 — LP Helper (Part I)

Save Gas With Packed Calldata

Flashbots — Project Improvements: Arbitrage ID

Flashbots — Project Improvements: Stateful LP Fetcher, WETH Cycle Arbitrage Helper, Balance Updater, Local Gas Estimation, Relay Retry, V3 Multicall Decoder, Unified Submitter, Bundle Recorder

UniswapV3 — Swap Prediction (Part III)

Project: UniswapV3 Mempool Watcher

Code Highlighter for Substack

UniswapV3 — Multicall

UniswapV3 — Swap Prediction (Part II)

UniswapV3 — Swap Prediction (Part I)

UniswapV3 — Quoter Contract

UniswapV3 — TickLens Contract

UniswapV3 — Router Contract

UniswapV3 — Pool Contract

Flashbots — Project Improvements: Bundle Submission Hotfix, Multipool Arbitrage, Filtering Mempool Transactions with eth_call, Dropping Failing Arbs

Avoiding Trap Tokens With eth_call

JSON Data Exchange

Encoding and Decoding Calldata with eth_abi

Flashbots — Project: Two-Pool UniswapV2 Arbitrage Bot

Flashbots — Smart Contract Bribe

Flashbots — Bundle and Simulate

Public Websocket RPC for Avalanche

Flashbots — Setup and Identity

Running a Local Ethereum Node

Start Here

Mempool Arbitrage Improvements — Multi-pool Prediction

Project: gOHM-wsOHM Bot

Project: gOHM-wsOHM Bot

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Calldata Pass-through, ABI Encode / Decode, Flexible Fallback

Vyper Bundle Executor

Generalized Vyper Smart Contracts

Predicting The Effect of Mempool Transactions

Automatic Arbitrage Path Building

Find Arbitrage Paths Using Graph Theory and NetworkX

Mempool Backrunning

Setting Up a Dedicated Bot VPS

Updates to the Snowsight Bot

Project: Snowsight Arbitrage Bot

Using the Snowsight Transaction Propagator

Snowsight — Getting Started

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mempool

Multicall Requests

Asynchronous Websocket Listeners

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Bot

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Towards A Smarter Contract

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Optimizing the Input

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Two-Pool Flash Swap

Smart Contract Arbitrage — The Flash Borrow Callback

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Interfaces

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Toolkit and A Simple Contract

Smart Contract Arbitrage — Introduction and Overview

Local Forking With Ganache

Get a Pair

Project: Limit Order Bot

Discord Info

Event Listeners

The Great Object-Oriented Rewrite

Working with ABIs and Unverified Contracts

Using a 3rd Party RPC API

Open Q&A and Feedback Needed for Discord/Telegram Group

EV-Based Gas Scaling

Chainlink Price Feeds, Calculating Trade EV, Automatically Scaling Gas Fees

Fighting and Winning Gas Wars

Pool Reserves — Part III: Swap and Quote Function Upgrades

Pool Reserves — Part II: Partial Swaps, Max Profits

Fun With Pool Reserves

Bot Building — Setup, Main Loop and Swapping Logic